Download Whova and search for “Support Driven” to access the SD Expo Europe app.


This is your one-stop guide to everything you need to know about Support Driven Expo Europe, April 1-2, 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Tell us about You!
Get the App
– Code of Conduct
– Registration and badges
– How to Expo
– How to find help
– Important times
– Lunch
– Session feedback
Help Scout’s Conversation Corner
Venue Floor Plan
Area Map
Getting Around Belgrade

Tell us about You!

Support Driven Expo will include discussion groups and opportunities to connect with others who share similar Support situations. Once you’re officially registered for SD Expo Europe, please complete this About You questionnaire to help organizers make Expo decisions that best serve you.

Get the Event App

Mobile app
Expo Europe has an app! Please download Whova to your iOS or Android mobile device now. Once you’ve downloaded the app:

  1. Sign in to Whova to create your profile.
  2. Once you are signed into the app, tap Find My Event / Conference.
  3. Search for “Support Driven.”
  4. Tap Support Driven Expo Europe when it appears to enter the event app.

The app includes the Expo Europe Agenda, speaker profiles, the venue floor plan, and is the primary method we will use to communicate day-of news and updates at Expo.

The app also includes the ability to provide feedback for a speaker session to help organizers and speakers know what’s going well and where we can improve. To review a session, tap the session title on the day’s agenda, then tap Rate.

SD Expo on Slack
Prior to the event, join the #event-sd-expo-europe channel on the Support Driven Slack to ask or answer questions and to get pumped up about Expo with other folks who will be there. Not on Slack yet? Join here.

Hashtag: #sdexpo
The official social media hashtag for Expo is #sdexpo.

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Welcome to Support Driven Expo Europe in 2019! We’ve got two days of great content for you, and an amazing community of people to share the experience with.

It’s important to all of us to create a safe, inclusive environment, so we’d like to point out a few key elements of the Support Driven Code of Conduct:

  • The foundation of our community comes from treating each other with respect and courtesy.
  • Be kind to others. Do not insult or put down other participants. Behave professionally.
  • Remember that harassment, sexist, or racist jokes are not appropriate for Support Driven. “Jokes” are often the culprit for Code of Conduct violations. Do not make jokes about gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, and do not initiate inappropriate physical contact or unwelcome sexual attention.
  • Take care of each other. Even if something seems it might be inconsequential, alert Scott Tran, Andrea Badgley, or Jelena Sipovac if you notice a potential dangerous situation, someone in distress, or violations of this code of conduct whether online or in person.

Registration and badges

At the venue, registration will be at the Support Driven table in the Foyer on Monday April 1 from 8-9am. Look for the Support Driven TV monitor. Volunteers at the registration table will check your name on the registration list and provide you with a blank badge (and your special swag pack if you were an early Kickstarter backer).

We will have a separate badge-decorating table with markers for writing your name and stickers for indicating your interests (B2B or B2C, company size, ticketing system, foodie, drinker).

Badges will be reversible to indicate whether you’re feeling social or need some quiet time. When you’d like to talk to others, flip your badge so that your name shows. When you’d like some quiet time and don’t want to be approached for conversations, flip your badge so that it only shows the Support Driven logo.

Before initiating a conversation, please check an attendee’s badge before approaching to respect their current interaction state.

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How to Expo

You don’t need to go to every talk and workshop – also, it’s not possible since there are several of them happening at the same time. Look through the schedule of events before you arrive or while you are eating or taking a break. Figure out which sessions you want to see the most and star them in the app. Spread out your time between talks, workshops, discussion groups, and breaks.

Speaking of breaks – conferences are exhilarating, but can also be exhausting. Give your brain a break! Grab a quiet spot in the hotel or take a quick walk. Come back invigorated.


If you need help, make your way to the Support Driven table in the walkway to the Pacific Ballroom.

Important times

Day One, Monday, April 1

– 8:00am – 9:00 am: Registration. Coffee and water available.
– 8:00am – 12:30 pm: Volunteer to lead a discussion group in Help Scout’s Conversation Corner.
– 9:00 am: Expo’s first sessions begin!
– 12:00 – 2:00 pm: Lunch. Go out and enjoy Belgrade food.
– 1:30 pm: Conversation Corner schedule will be posted at Support Driven table and Pacific Conversation lounge.
– 2:00 pm: Afternoon sessions begin, including Conversation Corner.
– 5:00 pm: Day One is over! See you at 9:00am on Tuesday.

Day Two, Tuesday, April 2

– 9:00 am: Morning sessions begin!
– 12:00 – 2:00 pm: Lunch. Go out and enjoy Belgrade food.
– 2:00 pm: Afternoon sessions begin.
– 5:00 pm: Day Two is over! Thank you for a great Expo!

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Lunch is two hours so that you can get out and explore foods Belgrade has to offer.

Session Feedback

We want to know what you think of the sessions! Your input will help us know what content resonated and what we should improve on next year.

We are using the app for session feedback. This allows you to share your thoughts whenever it is convenient to you, including immediately, while everything is still fresh in your mind, or later when you remember “Oh yeah, I wanted to give feedback about that workshop.” To give feedback about a session, take these steps:

  1. Go to Agenda in the app
  2. Go to the appropriate day
  3. Find the session you’d like to give feedback on. Tap that session on your device.
  4. Tap Rate.
  5. Rate the session according to the questions.
  6. Write a few words about your experience with the session.
  7. Tap Submit

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Conversation Corner

Support Driven Expo isn’t just about great talks and workshops. There’s a ton of knowledge and experience inside your head and the heads of all your peers! One of the most valuable things you can do at Expo is to connect with those peers and chat about whatever topics are important to you right now.

That’s why Help Scout is providing Conversation Corner throughout the event!

What is Conversation Corner?
If you’ve been to an “unconference” event before, you’ll get the idea. If not, here’s how Conversation Corner works:

  • There’s a schedule of slots, but no set topics in advance.
  • For each hour of Conversation Corner, there can be two simultaneous discussions happening.
  • Anyone can propose a topic, and you can attend any discussion you like.
  • There are no presentations or preparation required. It’s just a group of people interested in the same topic, having a useful chat.

The schedule will be created throughout the morning of Day One. Head over to the lounge area in the Pacific Ballroom, grab a proposal sheet and suggest a topic. And then have a look at the other suggestions, and add your vote to the ones that interest you.

At 1:30pm, the schedule will be finalized and you’ll be able to plan around the chats you most want to join or lead.

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Venue Map

Crowne Plaza floor plan for SD Expo Europe

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Area Map


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Getting around Belgrade

Please visit the Location page for information on the Venue, Transportation and Parking, SIM cards, and Things to do in Belgrade.


Q. Is there a Wi-Fi password?
No. Crowne Plaza Wi-Fi is open and available to all. No password is required.

Q. What should I bring?
– Your mobile device with the Whova app installed (and an external charger if you have one)
– Your preferred note-taking tools (pen and paper, laptop, iPad, phone)
– Money for lunch and transit

Q. What should I wear?
Wear what makes you comfortable. Anything from t-shirt to business casual is normal.

Q. Are there outlets I can use to charge my phone?
There are outlets around the venue, but not a designated charging station. If you have an external battery charger you can bring, we recommend bringing it.

Q. Where is lost and found?
At the Support Driven table.

Q. Will the talks and workshops be recorded?
Talks will be recorded. Workshops will not. We will upload the videos and make them available to Expo attendees after the videographers’ editing process is complete and we receive the finished videos.

Q. What time does everything begin?
Sessions begin at 9am on Monday and Tuesday.

Q. What time does everything end?
Everything wraps up at 5pm each day at the venue.

Q. What’s the difference between a talk and a workshop?
Talks are 20 minutes and are a speaker presenting information to an audience. Workshops are 45 minutes and are interactive and provide guided practice sessions for material covered.

Q. Can I request a topic for next year’s Expo?
Yes! We would love that! We will send out a survey after the event, and there is a question about that on the survey. If you’re afraid you’ll forget your idea, please ping Andrea Badgley or Scott Tran via the SD Slack (@andreabadgley and @scott) to request the session.

Q. How do I connect with the Support professionals I’ve met after the conference is over?
Join Support Driven Slack!

Q. I want to present/offer a workshop/volunteer for next year’s event, how do I do that?
We will send out an attendee survey after the event — please let us know on that survey, and be sure to include your name so we can follow up with you about it!
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