SD Expo Europe will take place April 1 – 2, 2019, at the Crowne Plaza at Vladimira Popovica 10 in New Belgrade, Serbia.

Note: the room block is now closed. The Support Driven Expo Europe block is fully booked.


Crowne Plaza Belgrade
Vladimira Popovića 10
Beograd 11070, Serbia


Transportation from Airport

TAXI (very important)
Taxi fare from the airport to The Crowne Plaza Hotel should be a maximum of 2,000 RSD (approx. 17EUR/19USD).

Once you clear customs, there is a booth for taxis in the waiting hall. Please get your taxi there and they will give you further instructions. There will be a lot of taxi drivers asking you whether you need a taxi, but for the best chance of these fares, use the taxi booth.

For a ride-share, Uber-like experience, visitors to Belgrade recommend the app Car:Go (Serbian version of Uber or Lyft) for getting around.

Slavija square – Nikola Tesla Airport – Slavija square

Ticket price is 300 RSD (approx. 2.50 EUR/3.00 USD) and can be purchased in the bus. Please make sure to have local currency, (RSD – Serbian dinars) because other currencies are not accepted.

Minibus goes every 20 minutes during the day, and every hour after 19:30 (7:30 PM), during the night as well. Approximate travel time from Nikola Tesla Airport to Slavija square is 30 minutes. The bus departure point is in front of the airport building (literally under the main entrance- the underpass)

Timetable and map

If you have a lot of luggage, it can be a hassle to use the airport bus, as the space inside the bus is limited, and there is no additional storage.

If you need to get to the main bus station, you should hop off at the train station where the bus regularly stops, as the two stations are conveniently located next to each other.

The bus has the same route on going from the city center to the airport, so you can hop on at the same stops.


Bus line 72 – If you need to reach Zeleni Venac area in the centre of Belgrade. It takes approx. 30-40 minutes to get there and the bus departs every half an hour. The price for the ticket is 150 RSD (1.2 EUR) if bought on the bus, and just 89 RSD (0.7 EUR) if bought at the newspaper stand.timetable

Bus line 607 – This line operates from Surčin to New Belgrade and it makes a stop at Nikola Tesla Airport.  Buses depart several times a day and you can check here the timetable.


Price per hour for Crowne Plaza Hotel Parking = RSD 180 (approx.  1.55EUR /  1.80USD)
Price per day for Crowne Plaza Hotel Parking = RSD 2.200 (approx.  18.70EUR / USD 21.20)

Opposite the Crowne Plaza hotel there is a public complimentary parking, however it may be difficult to find a parking place during working hours.


Pre-paid SIM cards are available for purchase at kiosks all over Belgrade . Most street corners in busy areas will have 24-hour kiosks that carry a variety of items like tobacco, snacks, newspapers, and SIM cards (the kiosks may not have all mobile companies available, but each company is similar in pricing and service). There is a shopping mall within a 15 minute walk from Crowne Plaza. If you are going directly to the hotel via a TAXI from the airport, you may not need a SIM card immediately as there will be WiFi when you arrive at Crowne Plaza.

If you do purchase a SIM card right away, there are three primary companies. Each SIM company is more or less the same. Click the link for more information about how to set up and where to purchase.

MTS (Telekom Serbia) My prepaid
Become a user of My prepaid tariffs
There is a 10,000-minute, 10,000-SMS, 10-GB, 7-day welcome bonus, as well as additional benefits:

Free – additional 10 GB for each additional payment of RSD 600.00 or more
Free – additional 4 GB for each additional payment between 400.00 and 600.00 RSD
Free – additional 1 GB for each supplement in the amount of less than 400,00 dinars
Free access to social networks: Facebook, Viber, VhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, FB messenger, Snapchat and Pinterest for each update.
Additional information
When activating your card, call * 100 #, activate the welcome bonus, and enjoy the free minutes, messages and gigabytes for the next 7 days.

In addition to the existing free bonus bonuses (1 GB for the upgrade up to 400.00 dinars and 4 GB for the completion of the amendment in the amount of 400.00 dinars to 600.00 dinars), there are now two more benefits available.You can choose one of the following benefits to complete the refund in the amount of 600,00 dinars:

• 10 GB for 7 days, or
• 200 minutes in domestic traffic for 7 days (this choice is charged at RSD 300.00).

Free access to social networking sites for 7 days: Facebook, Viber, VhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, FB Messenger, Snapchat and Pinterest, which has an active free internet bonus (10 GB / 4 GB / 1 GB).


• After the completed prepaid loan, you will receive a SMS notification;
• You will need to activate during the next 24 hours according to the instructions you receive in the SMS message;
• After activating the bonus, you will receive an SMS notification of the activation activity.

You can also activate the bonus by using the mts center application, the Offer for you / Welcome Bonus option.
It is important that an additional bonus for activation is indicated in the 24-hour period, as this period will be more favorable for more opportunities.
All bonuses apply exclusively to domestic traffic.

Prepaid card can be purchased at all our outlets and other sales facilities throughout Serbia at a price of 300 dinars. The initial credit on the card is 25 dinars.

Prices in relation to the type of traffic:
• Minute in domestic traffic: 11.9 din.
• SMS in domestic traffic: 5.9 din.
• MMS in domestic traffic: 12 din.
• SMS in international traffic: 12 din.
• Internet in domestic traffic (100 KB): 6 din.
• Link establishment: 11.9 din.

The calculation interval is 60s + 60s.
The data transfer unit is 1 KB.
The price of SMS messages to a short number of services for added value is RSD 3.60.

Use the mts guide (* 100 #) to check the status.
You can check the status of the bonus at * 105 # (for the Internet), * 137 # (for minutes), * 138 # (for SMS).

The mentioned benefits relate to all amendments made within 90 days of the activation of the welcome bonus. Bonuses are available for 7 days.
Each new bonus is added to the amount of GB remaining from the previous bonus, and the validity period is extended for the next 7 days from the last bonus.
By making a payment to Friendli, Extras or Automatic Updates, you will not be eligible for a free GB / free access to social networks / 200 minutes.
The bonus is welcome to activate within 60 days from the date of activation of the prepaid card.
You can check the status of the bonus at * 105 # (for the Internet), * 137 # (for minutes), * 138 # (for SMS).

Telekom Srbija retained the right to change these conditions.


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