OCTOBER 29-30, 2018 – BOSTON, MA


We’re excited to start announcing speakers for Summit!

Coming soon: More Case Study presenters and the keynote speakers!

Todd Curtis
Todd Curtis, You Need A Budget

Case Study (Title and description coming soon.)

Stacy Justino
Stacy Justino, Wistia

Case Study – Taking the Reins: Short-Term Strategies and Setting up Long-Term Success

Abby ArmadaAbby Armada, Clubhouse

Everything I Learned about Good Management, I Learned from Working at Starbucks

Martin Kõiva

Martin Kõiva, Qualitista

What I Learned From Doing 300+ Job Interviews and Hiring 60+ Support People

Jason Casey

Jason Casey, Evernote

Demonstrating Value: Building Bridges Between Support, Product, and Engineering

Mary Miratrix

Mary Miratrix, Lexia Learning

Empathy and Metrics

Lindsay Konsko

Lindsay Konsko, NerdWallet


Lee Matos

Lee Matos, GitLab

Culture Shock, or How You’ll Learn to Love Team Growth

Daniel Blanco

Daniel Blanco, Schoology

Don’t Get Slammed by Seasonality: How to scale gracefully by embedding outsourced agents into your team

Chanita Simms

Chanita Simms, Help Scout

How to Foster Inclusivity Like a Badass

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