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Zendesk Highlights: Listening in Talk, Orgs based views and Next Reply Time reporting

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 11:25 AM | Scott Tran (Administrator)

This post provides a weekly overview of the most interesting questions and answers from our #zendesk Slack channel (May 31 - June 6). 

Does Talk have a "listen in" feature so that I can have my new agent listen to live calls while he's doing some training?

It does! you have to access it from the admin interface though. https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003934787-Monitoring-calls-with-the-Live-calls-dashboard

– Roxanne Gordon, CS/CX @ Desktop Metal

Is it possible to make a View with conditions from organisation fields other than ticket fields?

Hi Jay, there isn’t. You can build a trigger that tags any ticket with a specific value and then create views based on tags.

–  Hosam Hassan, Certified Zendesk Expert & SupportOps Consultant

Yeah, View conditions can’t use org data directly, but triggers can, so you can apply ticket tags or change ticket fields or whatever via a trigger, based on org data/conditions. For some drop-down or multi-select org fields, we have identical ticket fields (the option values/tags do need to be different, FYI) that get set with triggers to always match the org field’s value(s).

– Josh Keller, Sr. TechOps Manager, Customer Ops @ Udemy

you could also have the Org field set a tag, which then gets inherited to the ticket, i think

– Jacob Lee,  Support Engineering Manager @ Humio

I have a question about Zendesk Explore. Is it possible to report on Next Reply Time? I know Explore has a default metric called “Requester Wait Time” but it is not what I’m looking for as it includes the time the ticket was in Open, New and On-Hold statuses.

Yes, the best way to get it is to use SLAs. I would suggest to set them up just for collecting analytics and without requiring by agents to follow them.You need to use SLA metric completion time metric and filter it by SLA metric=Next Reply Time. Business hours not available here. 

Another non-ideal workaround (when SLA dataset is not available) would be to calculate it via Requester Wait Time / Agent Replies. It gives you an average but not exact NRT too.

– Andrei Kamarouski, Zendesk Expert & Pythia AI CEO

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