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Zendesk Highlights: Search in Help Center, Tickets search and Ticket forms for multiple brands

Friday, July 16, 2021 11:00 AM | Scott Tran (Administrator)

Hi all!

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Hi! Do you happen to know how search results are currently ranked in help center?

Have you seen this – About Help Center end user search? https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/211317328-About-Help-Center-end-user-search

 - Dave Dyson, Sr. Customer Service Evangelist at Zendesk

If I have multiple brands within my zendesk instance and I am attempting to create the submit a ticket flow for the second brand, is there a specific place that shows the different ticket forms for each brand?

Working on something similar now. You’d need to build a separate help center for each brand/form. Otherwise, you’d need to build the form somewhere else and connect it using Zendesk’s API. For example, you can build the form in WordPress and use their integration to send the results directly to Zendesk Support.

 - Hosam Hassan, Certified Zendesk Expert & SupportOps Consultant

Does anyone have a good resource about advanced searches for tickets? What syntax is accepted? I'm not able to find much that's helpful when searching their help docs. .. I have yet to discern how I can search for two non-consecutive words, e.g., "hamburger" and "fries".

If you include two or more terms when you search, the default behavior is AND -- so if you entered hambuger fries, you'd get results that include both hamburger and fries, in any order and not having to be sequential.On the other hand, entering "hamburger fries" (including the quotes) would only return results that contain the phrase hamburger fries.

 - Dave Dyson, Sr. Customer Service Evangelist at Zendesk

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