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Support Driven Expo Americas 2019

SD Expo Americas assembles some of the best folks in customer support to help you grow as a support professional in this two-day, multi-track conference in Portland, OR, USA.

Support Driven Expo Europe 2019

SD Expo Europe will bring together the Support Driven community from Europe and beyond to share how we’re solving problems to move the industry and our careers forward.

Support Salary Survey

Each year Support Driven and Help Scout partner to anonymously survey customer support professionals about salary. Take the survey and read the 2018 study results.

Speaker tip: publish online after your presentation

One of my favorite pieces of advice when I gave my first public presentation was this: as you’re preparing, write your presentation in blog post format, include your slide deck in the blog post, and schedule the post to go live during or adjacent to the time of your...

Early bird tickets are available for SD Expo Americas!

Support Driven Expo is returning to Portland, Oregon, this July 11-12. Now that the conference has expanded across the Atlantic and there are two Expos, the Portland event has a new name: SD Expo Americas. If you're seeing all the excitement around SD Expo Europe and...

Communication to build a remote culture

A distributed workforce is the most effective way to build a company... Talent and intelligence are equally distributed around the world but opportunity is not. – Matt Mullenweg Founder and CEO of Automattic, the company behind WooCommerce, and Jetpack....

Tickets are now on sale for SD Expo Europe! 🎉

  Tickets are now on sale via Kickstarter for Support Driven Expo Europe! The Expo SD Europe Kickstarter is the best deal for your conference ticket: if you purchase through the Kickstarter, you will get a discount off the $350 (€300)  price. We have a limited...

Apply Now to Speak at SD Expo Americas!

Support Driven Expo Americas is back! We are looking for speakers and workshop leaders to share your skills, knowledge, and experiences with the SD community. Expo Americas will take place July 11-12, 2019 in Portland, Oregon USA. For SD Expo Americas 2019, our focus...