Grow your career in support – become a mentor or mentee in Aspire, a career mentoring program by Support Driven

What is the Aspire Program?
The Aspire Program an extension of the Support Driven Community that connects mentors and mentees. Participants will be paired for 2 months as they work together to collaborate, learn, and share perspectives as they work towards achieving a specific goal the mentee has shared.

What types of goals are mentees working on?
So many. Specific goals/outcomes are around things like career development, management, growth, self-care, transitioning teams, managing up, and so much more!

How long is the program/commitment?
2 months.

What does the program structure look like?

  1. Applications open (ongoing)
    • Mentors and mentees complete a form of interest
    • Mentees are required to submit an outcome that they want to achieve during this pairing – we’ll share examples in the application process.
  2. Mentee Selection Period (1 week)
    • Mentors will review anonymized outcomes and demographic data submitted by mentees and then select their top 3 pairings.
    • Think of this as selecting someone you know you can help – Mentors are REQUIRED to participate in this step to be paired.
  3. Official Pairings announced (1 week)
    • The Aspire program team will finalize pairings and notify participants.
  4. Orientation meetings (1 week)
  5. Session kick-off (2 months)

What do I need to do to participate?
Mentees: An outcome (ie a goal, project, theme) that they want to work on during the session. 

Mentors: Selecting a relevant mentee.

Both: Commitment to the session

How do I participate?
Apply here!

More questions?
Email us or ask a question in #aspire-mentors or #aspire-mentees in the support driven slack.


Christina Jones

“Aspire helped team me up with an awesome mentor who helped me identify what it is I wanted out of my career, and ultimately led me to find a new role that better fit my career goals.

Having a third party mentor allowed me to be really candid about what I wanted, and gave me a great resource for professional advice.”

Abby Armada

“Aspire has been a very rewarding opportunity for me to share my perspective and help a fellow community member reach her goals.

Conversations with my mentee have been a great way for both of us to sharpen our professional expertise and keep moving support folks forward!”

Chris Mccraw

“[My mentee and I] learned a lot from each other – from books to read, to “how to act like the boss when your boss leaves the company suddenly” – these conversations were all two-way and in great depth.

I can’t wait to do this again, although I think my mentee and I will probably continue to advise each other informally for some time to come.”

Jon Schwenn

“[The best part of being a mentor was] Being able to help someone else. I wish I could go back in time and tell a younger me all these things, but I can’t. The next best thing is to do that for someone else.”