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Your Support Driven Leadership Summit Recap!

Thank you so much for helping to make Support Driven Leadership Summit 2019 such a success! Every speaker, volunteer, sponsor, and attendee plays a critical role in the success of the event.    We’d like to extend a huge thanks to our sponsors: Automattic,...

4 Ways to Celebrate Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week 2019 is upon us and we’ve been busy showing love for our front line team! This is a great time of year to acknowledge and thank the people in your company who care for your most valuable asset– your customers! Here are the four ways we celebrated...

SD Book Club – Effortless Experience (Chapters 5-6)

The Support Driven Book Club met for the 3rd time to discuss The Effortless Experience. In this week’s meeting we covered the fifth and sixth chapters. After chapters on initiatives to make experiences effortless, the fifth chapter looked inward. The chapter covered...

Grab Your Spot! Three Heads of Support Webinars Are Coming Up In October

We’re excited to launch a series of webinars to  provide location-agnostic ways for support leaders to ask questions and be involved in deeper conversations on topics like remote leadership, hiring, and striking the right balance between answering customers in the queue, supporting your team, and engaging with the rest of your company.

Announcing the 2019 Heads of Support Program 🎉

The Support Driven Heads of Support Program is an all-round leadership development program that includes a conference, survey, and webinar series. It kicks off with the opening of the 2nd annual Heads of Support Survey and registration for the first leadership webinar.

SD Book Club – Effortless Experience (Chapters 3-4)

On September 18th, we had our second meeting of the Support Driven Book Club covering The Effortless Experience. This week covered the third and fourth chapters. The third chapter covered next issue avoidance (NIA). NIA is going past resolving the current issue and...

Networking Like A Human

The word “networking” makes Sarah Betts cringe. Yet she has a reputation among her friends and coworkers as “The Networking Queen.” She shares how she became so connected, and how she managed to make connections that are meaningful.